point-dumeWelcome to FilmandTVMania.com!

Here you will find articles about film, television, and writing.  Film and TV Mania was created in 2012 by Amelia Solomon.  She serves as the content creator and owner of the site.  Amelia is a film fanatic and TV addict who loves the medium so much; she writes about it too.

Amelia Solomon is a Los Angeles based Screenwriter, with a writing portfolio that includes short films, original TV pilots, and TV specs.  She has received several placements in international screenwriting contests.  Her TV pilot, Rebecca Resets, is a Semi-Finalist in the SoCal Film Festival, a Quarter-Finalist in both the Creative World Awards and the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Contest, and an Official Selection in the Women’s Film & Script Showcase.  Her short, The Will, was a Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest and a Preliminary Finalist in the Creative World Awards.  Her short, The Party, was also an Official Selection in the Women’s Film & Script Showcase.  If you’re interested in discussing any of these scripts please contact her to request more information.

Amelia is also a Film Critic at Movieboozer.com where they measure movies by the pint.  She’s been nominated twice for Film Review of the Year.  Interestingly, her review of Walk of Shame, starring Elizabeth Banks, was used by Focus Features to promote the film on social media.

When she’s not busy writing, Amelia serves as the Organizer of the Los Angeles Women and Film Group, which has over 300 members.  Their mission is to support films either directed by, written by, and/or about women.  Learn more about this group, and join it by visiting LosAngelesWomenandFilmMeetupGroup.com.

Amelia originally hails from Long Island, New York.  She received a B.A. in Government from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She also holds a Certificate in Film, TV, and Digital Entertainment Media from UCLA, Extension.  More recently, she studied the art of novel-writing at the University of California, Irvine.  She’s been working on her debut novel, Broken Courage, a 90,000 word women’s fiction novel with elements of historical fiction.  Set in 1930’s Detroit, the novel explores the choices a young woman makes, when choices were very limited for most women.










  1. rob perez says:

    I see you’re from Long Island, where from? I live in Long Beach where I was born and raised. I’m also a fellow reviewer for Movieboozer.com. Stay in touch. How do you like writing for the site? I’m a fellow freelance writer myself. Ain’t it a hard life?

    • Hey Rob. Just seeing this comment now. Better late than never. I grew up In Huntington on Long Island. But been out in California for a while now. Doing time in Hollywood. haha Yes, I’ve seen your reviews on Movieboozer. Great coverage on some of the film festivals, etc. I like writing for the site. It makes me see a lot of wide release films that I’d never normally go to, as I tend to see more of the limited release ones. So it makes for interesting writing in that way. Most of the films I really like I never even get to review!

  2. Hey Rob. Just seeing this comment now. Better late than never. I grew up in Huntington on Long Island. But been out in California for a while now, living in Hollywood. I like Movieboozer. It makes me see a lot of crappy wide release films I wouldn’t normally go to, but they lend themselves to some sarcastic writing so that’s good. I tend to like more limited release films myself. It definitely can be hard. What other sites do you write for?

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